Deputation – Week 59

This past week we were in Walton, New York, with Pines Brook Baptist Church. Walton is out in the mountains of New York, on the way out to New York City. We had a great weekend with them. It was a little bit of a drive out to Walton, over the river and through the woods, to the Loveland’s home. We stayed the night Saturday night with the Lovelands and their three sons. Emily and I had a great time with them. After an excellent dinner, the boys wanted to play some ball. Well, I wanted to play ball too, just to be fair. We had to make room after that amazing dinner for some dessert! They had a basketball hoop on the driveway, so we cleared out all the cars (vans) and played some basketball. Then, after some 2-on-2, we went out for a short run.

The next day was great. We got to the church and began meeting people, and were immediately blown away by how generous the people were with us. It was very humbling to meet them all and realize they barely knew us from Adam, but they were ready to share and share and share. That was very encouraging to Emily and I. We had a great day and an excellent fellowship dinner with the folks from Pines Brook.

We got home Sunday night to continue preparing for Youth Group, finishing up some last-minute plans. This week is shaping up to be pretty busy.

For those of you following the running, our race is this weekend! Lots of cheers!

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