Deputation – Week 60 (And A Couple Interludes)

Wow, how the time flies. We haven’t updated in a few weeks, but we had a couple of weeks off before our meeting last week, so that was the main reason why. We did want to tell you about the past few weeks, though.

Labor Day weekend we spent down in Spartansburg, PA. Last year I ran the Sparty Fair 5K with Josh Zinz, one of our friends from Spartansburg. We had decided to run it again this year, since we had such a great time last year. 🙂 So we spent the whole weekend down in Spartansburg. We headed down to Spartansburg on Friday night and stayed down till Tuesday. One of the ladies in the church opened up her camper to us, and we had a great time out in the country. It was a very fun weekend. Pastor had asked me to preach on Sunday, as he was out of town. So we had some campfires, explored an amazing old car museum, had great time at church on Sunday, and ran the 5K race on Monday, as well as watched the Zinz’ kids race through an obstacle course at the fair. Monday night Emily had “garbage fries” from the fair. Basically, it was a big order of fries with anything you can imagine piled on top – cheese, chili sauce, jalepenos, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember anymore.

Anyway, we had a great time in Spartansburg for Labor Day.

After we got home on Tuesday, we had some preparation to do for Friday night. Friday we were having a big bonfire for the young people. Emily and I are working with the Youth Group at Victory Baptist Church this year, and we were having a “kickoff” of sorts on that Friday night. It turned out really well. We had 18 kids come out, and they all seemed to have a  blast. We are really looking forward to this ministry this Autumn.

That weekend we visited First Baptist Church of Pavilion in the morning, and Wyoming Baptist Church in the evening. We had been to both those churches last year, and they are the churches of Emily’s Grandma Milroy and Grandma & Grandpa Smith, respectively. We had a good time touching base with a number of the folks from those churches, seeing how God has been blessing those congregations in the past year.

Last week we put the finishing touches on the floor in the apartment Emily and I have been building, and began some last touch-up painting and such. It’s been exciting to see the apartment actually finishing!

I also started running with a couple of guys from our youth group last week. They had seen my runs on Facebook, and wanted to start running with me. So we are now meeting every morning, as often as we can.

This last Sunday we visited Grace Baptist Church in Brockport. We had the opportunity to visit this church a couple of times previously; last year we dropped in on a Wednesday night, then later on in the Autumn they asked us to come for their AWANA Grand Prix. My Grandparents attended this church when my Dad was young, so many people from the church remember my family.

Grace was having a church picnic on Saturday evening, and they invited us out to that. It was a good time to break the ice with the folks and renew a few aquaintances. We spent some extra time after the picnic with a couple from the church, the Berry’s. It was a good time of fellowship with them.

Sunday was a lot of fun. Emily and I presented the ministry in Sunday School, and I preached in the morning service. We went out to lunch with Pastor and his family afterwards, and went home for the afternoon for a nap. The Sunday evening service went quite well. It was very encouraging to talk with so many people who remember the Carmichaels and have that connection with them already. As Emily and I drove away that evening, we both commented on how refreshing the day had been. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Grace.

That night we had a little bit of a drive ahead of us. The PARBC Fall Conference was Monday-Wednesday of this week, and it was being held at Union Baptist Church, where we had been just a month ago. We wanted to get to Kittanning early on Monday to help out with a few things for Pastor Hill before the conference. So we actually spent the night in Corry, PA with the Algers. First thing in the morning on Monday we headed down to Kittanning.

Our Pastor, Pastor Steve, was coming up for this conference from North Carolina, representing Grace Baptist Bible College. It was very good to see him and Mr. Sechrest, another member of our church, again. We hadn’t seen them in several months, so it was a very good thing. It was also nice to go to the conference and see so many other Pastors that we know. It was almost like a homegoing, as we saw so many Pastors in whose churches we have presented our ministry. The conference ended at lunchtime on Wednesday, and we had just enough time to grab lunch with Pastor Perry and Pastor Burke from East Lawrence Baptist Church before heading off to Albion. we had our first night of Youth Group, so we had to high-tail it home.

Thank you all for your continued prayers as we travel on deputation. It encourages us to see so many of you keeping in touch with us through Facebook. Keep praying as we head off to New York City in the morning.

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