Deputation – Weeks 62-63

Time for another update! The last couple weeks have been pretty busy, and this afternoon we are no sooner getting settled and caught up than we’re back on the road tomorrow! But first to let you all know where we’ve been.

A couple weeks ago we headed down to Berwick, PA for Bethel Bible Church’s Missions Conference. We’ve been down to Berwick several times over the past year and a half, and really gotten to know Pastor Thomas and his family quite well. Pastor Thomas had asked us to be prepared to handle most of the preaching for the Missions Conference, and he also invited a local missionary, Bethany Boston, who just joined Bibles International, to come share her ministry as well.

The week went very well, we felt like. We had good times of fellowship with the Thomas family all week long, and each evening the services seemed to go quite well. We left Berwick last Thursday very encouraged at what the Lord is doing in Berwick, PA through His people.

When we left Berwick, we drove immediately up to the State of Maine for a Pastor’s Conference. I had never been to Maine before, so Emily was very excited to introduce me to her home state. Thursday afternoon and all day Friday were spent at this conference. The emphasis was God the Father. It was a rather refreshing time, after preaching all week, to come and sit under the preaching of God’s Word.

We spent the majority of our time in Maine with a family that Emily grew up with – the Gurneys. They were very hospitable and patient with us as we stayed with them from Friday night all the way through this last Tuesday. Since we were up there in Maine, Pastor Thibault, the Pastor of Burham Baptist Church where Emily’s father pastored for many years, asked us to present our ministry with them.

Saturday Emily spent taking me around to all the different places that she grew up with. We had a great time traipsing all over Eastern Maine, from Burham along I-95 all the way to the Ocean. Maine is beautiful this time of the year!

Sunday we spent with Burham Baptist Church. There were a lot of folks there, and many of them remembered the Milroys with great love. It was quite encouraging to hear how they all missed the Milroys! After a short afternoon nap after church, Emily and I spent the evening with Pastor Thibault and his dog. We had some great conversations about the ministry. It was a very encouraging evening.

Monday was another sight-seeing day as Emily and I hiked Mount Battie in Camden Forest State Park. It was a cool day for a hike, but the scenery was beautiful. We were thinking about going up to Bar Harbor, but were afraid we’d run out of time. So, we just headed back “home.”

We came back home to NY on Tuesday. We had youth group on Wednesday night and wanted to be prepared for it. Over the course of the next few days we put some finishing touches on our new room, and today (Friday) we have officially completely moved in! What a process! I am so excited to finally be all finished and be settled in! It’s been a year and 2 months in the works, and we’re done.

Tonight we will be headed out to a Youth Group activity. Then tomorrow we have a conference, leave for our Sunday meeting, then another conference early next week. Busy Busy! We’ll tell you all about it!

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