Deputation – Weeks 64-65

And the Autumn marches on!

The Youth activity we told you all about in our last update went really well! It was called “Bigger and Better.” We split our kids up into four teams, equipped them all with a rubber band, and sent them out into the community to trade their rubber bands up for stuff that was “bigger and better.” We had one team come back with a weed-whacker! Talk about an upgrade! Another team had a quesadilla maker they actually traded for something else. All the kids seemed to have a good time!

That Sunday we were with Breesport Baptist Church, in Breesport NY. We’ve been to a couple big churches now, but this one was definitely one of the largest we’ve been to. It was really neat to meet and spend time with Pastor Foreman and his wife. Pastor has spent almost his whole spiritual life in that church, and now he is pastoring the church. We were very encouraged to hear his testimony and see his passion for the church and the community God has the church in. We spent the whole day with the church, and got to see a number of different aspects of the ministry there. It was neat to see how Pastor Foreman is moving his church family forward with definite direction.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at a Pastor’s conference with my Father-in-law. It was pretty fun to see a lot of the Pastors that we have gotten to know over the past year and a half again, a number of whom are now supporting us. I got a kick out of introducing my father-in-law, who has pastored in NY for some 14 years now, to a lot of the other pastors in the fellowship who we know now, but he didn’t know. Anyway.

Last Sunday we were back with Fellowship Baptist Church in Palmyra. We had the opportunity to present the ministry with them a few months ago, during the summer. They had asked if we would come fill the pulpit for them, and this weekend we had open to do that. We had a good time with them, then dropped by another church in the area for their evening service.

Keep us in prayer over the next couple weeks as we will be doing a lot of travelling back and forth from North Carolina, as well as just a lot of travelling here in New York State.

We praise the Lord that we heard from another church who has taken us on! Welcome aboard, FBC Marilla! We’re very excited to be partnered with you now in this way!

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