Deputation – Weeks 66-68

Good afternoon, everyone. Time for some serious updating! This post is gonna be a long one, so I’ll try and break it down by week for you all.

Week 66

Week 66 was the last weekend of October. We had a Missions Conference this weekend with Bradford Baptist Church in Bradford NY. We had met Pastor Durham from Bradford Baptist a few times before, and we were quite excited to be a part of their missions conference this year. We were there with three other couples, one of whom are another young couple with BMM.

The missions conference was set up uniquely, but it seemed to work really well. We were there Saturday and Sunday, and there were two services each day. There were also several times of fellowship meals, when we got a chance to mingle with the folks from Bradford. We stayed with a great family who lived right down the road from the church, and enjoyed our time with them. The missions conference definitely went very well. There’s a Brazilian lady who goes to church there in Bradford, so we had fun practicing our Portuguese a little bit with her.

The rest of that week was quite busy. We went home on Monday, then Tuesday afternoon left for North Carolina. We stopped off in Lawrenceville, PA, where we spent the night with Pastor Burke and his family. We were taking a girl from his church down to Grace-For-A-Day at Grace Baptist Bible College, in Winston-Salem. Wednesday morning we left first thing (amidst some snow flurries) for Winston-Salem. We arrived in time for church Wednesday night. We were very busy Thursday and Friday with Grace events. It was a good time, though, to see everyone again. Friday afternoon we left for the North again, and got as far as Hope Baptist Church in Hanover, PA, where we spent the night. We dropped our prospective student off at her home in Lawrenceville on Saturday, then continued our trek North. We would be travelling to Massena, NY.

Week 67

Week 67 was with Calvary Baptist Church in Massena,  NY. We finished our drive from Hanover, PA to Massena, NY by about 6:00 in the evening. It was quite a trek. But we were praising the Lord that it was Daylight Savings weekend, and we would get an extra hour of sleep!

We were able to spend a couple nights with Mrs. Mowers, a lady whose son, a pastor who served in South Africa as a Missionary, we had met last year and had been an encouragement to us then. Mrs. Mowers was very hospitable, and we just had a great time with her. We also had a good time with the folks from Massena. We had met Pastor Lucid and a couple of his deacons several times, and we even had some of his kids at youth camp last year in the Adirondacks. So it was fun to renew acquaintances with all of them again, since it had been a while since we had seen them all. It was also great to hear how God has used that church over the years. We had some particularly good times with Warner, one of the deacons there at Calvary.


Week 67.5

Wednesday night we were invited to be a part of Open Door Baptist Church’s Missions Emphasis Month. Open Door Baptist is in New Woodstock, kinda outside of Syracuse, NY. This church has a huge history in missions, and particularly in US church planting. This is the home church of many from the Little clan.

We had a great time with Pastor DeLeon on Wednesday night, as well as with the church family. They really took a lot of time to get to know us, and that meant a lot to us, as we were really only with them for a few hours. In fact, a few of them invited us out with them for dessert after church. We had a good time of fellowship there.

Thursday morning we had breakfast with Pastor and his wife, then headed out for some travelling. We would spend the rest of the week in the Adirondacks, visiting a number of pastors in the Greater Syracuse and Adirondack region.

We spent Thursday evening with Pastor Hartwig and his wife up in Indian Lake – actually, we would spend the next few nights with them. We had a good time just chilling with them, chatting and having an amazing dinner. Mrs. Hartwig made an amazing seafood chowder…I couldn’t get enough of it!

We travelled all over the Adirondacks on Friday, visiting pastors. We got in touch with a number of them, and really had a good time meeting them and introducing ourselves.

The Lord was very good to us on Friday. After lunch we were driving through a little town, and I was starting to feel a little drowsy. We were about to turn North go back into the mountains when I saw right across the road a sign…”Don’t just try our coffee…have a cup on us! Free Coffee Friday.” Woohoo! Just what we needed on a long, cold Friday afternoon. So we pulled in and had some really great coffee without spending a dime.

Week 68

This last Sunday we spent with Fellowship Baptist Church in Watertown, NY. After leaving the Hartwigs on Saturday, we headed up to Watertown and Pastor Reff. A number of the kids from camp last year attend Pastor Reff’s church, so we got to meet several parents as well as see several of “our” kids again. It was a really great time. Our host family, the Ketchums, were very gracious with us, and Mr. Ketchum and I had a great time watching football (upset city! Alabama lost! We couldn’t believe it!). Our meeting with the church family went quite well, and we enjoyed our time getting to know Pastor Reff. His salvation testimony was neat to hear, and it was clear from the church family that he has a burden to reach the lost.

We finally got home Monday afternoon, and have been getting things ready like crazy for this weekend. Friday we leave for another Missions conference, then we head down to North Carolina and Brazil! Check back regularly, as I won’t let this thing get 3 weeks behind again, particularly with Brazil on the horizon.

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