Week 69

This was our last meeting of 2012, and we had the opportunity to spend it with Faith Baptist Church in Bradford PA. Bradford is a town on the North-Western edge of PA. Pastor Raymond and his wife have been in the ministry for a number of years, and about 10 years in Bradford.

We met Pastor Raymond last year when we first deputation, at one of the PARBC conferences. Over the past year and a half we have gotten to know him as we saw him at different conferences. Earlier this year he asked if we would come and participate in a missions conference he would host at his church. We excitedly agreed and set up the date for Nov. 23-25, and began preparing for it immediately.

Friday afternoon we got into town and met up with Pastor Raymond. We had packed our bags not only for this weekend before we left, but also for our trip to Brazil and the month and a half we would then spend in North Carolina. Mrs. Raymond was at the church waiting for us when we got there, and she helped us get our display set up for the service that evening.

As we went through the Missions Conference from Friday through Sunday in each of the services, we unpacked the role of missions in the local church. It was neat to see how the principles we drew out from Scripture as we studied the text were applicable to that church, and the folks understood how it all fit together.

We had a great time hanging out with Pastor Raymond and his wife over the few days we were in Bradford. We were able to help them with some technology issues. I’m sure that is shocking to hear, that we were involved in tech upgrades like that. 🙂 Anyway, it was a great time there with the folks at Faith.

Pastor let us head out after the morning service so we could begin heading down to Winston Salem. We were leaving for Brazil on Tuesday, and had a bunch of things we needed to do in Winston Salem before we would leave. So we made it as far as Pastor Hill’s church in Kittanning, PA that evening. We made the rest of the trip on Monday morning.

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