Deputation – Missions Trip!

Here it is! The post we’ve all been waiting for! 🙂 Not really. Close, but not quite. That post will be the day we tell you that we are at 100% support. (Although, in the last two weeks we’ve had two churches call to tell us that they have taken us on. Praise the Lord for His faithful provision!) This post is very exciting, though. We got back last week from our 2 week trip to Brazil and it was amazing. I can’t quite put into words everything that we saw and learned, but we will try. I am sorry we haven’t gotten this up sooner. The week we got back to the US I taught a module all week, and then last week I was working on putting together the presentation of our trip for our sending church, which we showed yesterday. But now, here’s Part One of our trip.

The trip began on Tuesday, November 20th. We left from the Greensboro, NC airport for Charlotte, NC, where we would catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro, and then to Curitiba. We met up with Brandon Bell in Charlotte, and made the rest of the trip together. Those on the trip were Emily and I, Darrell and Laura Peavy, Adam and Jodi Pittman, Brandon Bell, and Cleverson and Stefanie Faria, with their three sons.  Cleverson is our Portuguese teacher and he and his family are appointees with BMM to São Paulo.

We arrived in Curitiba on Wednesday evening. We didn’t make it in time for church, so we headed straight to the homes in which we would be spending the next couple weeks. During our short flight from Rio to Curitiba, Emily had the opportunity to practice her Portuguese with the Brazilian gentleman sitting next to her and
during the course of their conversation she learned that he is a Mormon.  Although excited about the amount of communication, she wished she knew enough to really speak to him about Christ.

We spent the first couple days catching up on sleep, adjusting to the pace of life in Brazil, and getting used to hearing Portuguese all the time. We were planning a trip up to São Paulo that weekend, and Cleverson was working hard on getting transportation all set for the trip. We ended up renting a van and a driver for our trip who stayed with us the entire time. He drove us up to Sao Paulo, all around, and back down to Curitiba. We helped arrange for his housing and meals while we were in São
Paulo. Basically, he was with us seeing everything we saw and hearing everything we said (as long as we said it in Portuguese).   What a great opportunity for witnessing!  He heard the Gospel many times on the trip, from many perspectives. He heard it in church on Sunday and Wednesday, heard it as we talked about how to reach São Paulo, and heard about it in terms of how it has already impacted lives of individuals in São Paulo. Pastor Hebe and Cleverson spoke to him frequently as we drove around. Pastor Hebe was really funny with our driver. Our driver had a difficult name to remember, even for Brazilians. To this moment I don’t know what it was. One of the first days we spent in São Paulo, Pastor Hebe tried to get our driver’s attention. He couldn’t remember the driver’s name, but remembered that it ended in “‘ere” (pronounced like “ear”). So he hollered across the store we were in, “oi ‘Ere! ‘Ere!” Of course, the driver had no idea what was going on or that his “name” was being called, so he didn’t respond. Finally, Pastor Hebe resorted to “oi Motorista!” (Portuguese for “driver”). That pretty much stuck for the rest of the trip. We either called him “‘Ere” or “Motorista” for the rest of our time with him. He was a really nice guy, though, and really seemed interested not only in what we were doing, and our plans as missionaries, but in the Gospel itself. Please pray with us for his salvation.

We’re going to pause here to let you all catch your breath (or wake back up), and we’ll pick up here a little later on in the week. We do thank you all for your prayers for us during this trip. Below is a link to the photos we took on our trip. If you have questions about anything in the pictures, just post the question as a comment on the picture, and we’ll be glad to answer it!

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