Deputation – Week 71

We left the Springville area on the 13th and headed to Regular Baptist Church in Smethport, PA for their missions conference.  And what a blessing the conference was!  The folks at Regular Baptist were such a sweet encouragement, as was the fellowship both with them and the other missionaries.  We got to know and appreciate Dan and Lois Berman and their three adorable children, who are working with Jewish Awareness Ministries in Cleveland, OH and Paul and Martha Daku and their son Joshua, who are working in Fiji.

It is neat how the Holy Spirit orchestrates things.  Although the men were not given a specific theme to preach on, all of the messages tied together so well!  The Jewishness of the Bible was brought out very clearly, and on Saturday night Dan Bergman demonstrated a Seder, a practice that Jews around the world will be observing on the 25th.  It was really neat to see all of the imagery and how it was all fulfilled in Christ.  Ephesians 2 says that God has “broken down the middle wall of partition” between the Jews and Gentiles so “that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross.”  Please pray for the Bergmans, as they seek to see individuals from God’s chosen people gloriously saved and brought into the church.

Each evening, Wednesday through Saturday, the church doors were open for services.  On Thursday we had a ladies’ lunch and the men had a good time at breakfast on Friday.  The teenagers stayed late on Friday night playing indoor hockey and eating pizza.  Being good Baptists, the church had a delicious lasagna dinner on Saturday before the service!  On Sunday we had the opportunity to speak to various Sunday School classes and we were all a little sad to be leaving after the evening service!  It was encouraging to see a number of visitors throughout the week and to see the church’s desire to reach their community.  Please join us in prayer for Pastor Gregg and Regular Baptist as they seek to reach Smethport with the Gospel.

We got back home on Monday morning, and have had a good week getting adjusted to life here in Albion again…for a couple weeks. On an unrelated note, winter won’t let go. 🙂

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