Deputation – Week 72

This weekend was like a trip down memory lane for Brandon as we revisited one of our newest supporting churches and the church that Brandon grew up in, First Baptist Church of Mayville, NY.  Because their former pastor felt the Lord directing him and his wife to a new and different kind of ministry, FBC is currently looking for a new pastor and they asked Brandon to fill this pulpit on Sunday morning.  We enjoyed our time staying with Sonja and seeing all the folks from Mayville again.  Please pray with us for FBC as they seek the man the Lord would have to be their shepherd and as they are looking for effective ways to reach out to their community.

Another church in the area that we had presented the ministry to last year recently called a pastor, and he invited us to come share the ministry again.  It was good to get re-acquainted with the folks at West Portland Baptist Church.  One of the most encouraging things for a missionary is to walk into a church, have people recognize you, and assure you that your prayer card is on their fridge (or wherever) and that they’ve been praying for you.  That is such a blessing!  We are so thankful for all of you, our prayer partners!  It was great getting to meet Pastor Robertson, to hear a little bit about his years in the ministry, and to see his vision for the church.

Although spring has officially come, unfortunately the weather shows few signs of letting up.  Brandon had often told me (Emily) about the huge amount of snow that gets dumped every year on the little town of Mayville.  Well, after this trip, I can see he wasn’t exaggerating!  While the surrounding areas had minimal amounts of snow, Mayville had enough snow to actually do something with!  An interesting tidbit about snow in New York: Buffalo is widely known for the amount of snowfall they get, but did you know that Syracuse gets a yearly average of 116 inches to Buffalo’s 94?  And so far this year, Mayville has gotten 177 inches!

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