Deputation – Week 73

Once again the two weeks since our last update has been super busy!  The week following our visits to Mayville and West Portland, we had the opportunity to get together with a couple fellow ministers of the gospel, Brandon’s sisters came up from North Carolina for a short visit, and Brandon got to run in a 15k race.  It has been neat to see how God has used Brandon’s running to give opportunities to build relationships with other runners and share the gospel.

On Resurrection Sunday we sang in the cantata at Emily’s dad’s church.  It was truly a blessing; the gospel was given so clearly, those in the drama spoke with such conviction, and the songs were full of such great truth (Emily almost forgot to come in on the chorus of one song, it was so moving and meaningful!).  Many unsaved folks were there and we pray the Holy Spirit would use His Word to convict their hearts of their need for Him.  The afternoon was spent with Emily’s extended family, who we don’t get to see very often.

On Thursday we drove to Eastern New York for the NRBFC Spring Conference and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship with a number of pastors from New England.  The host pastor even gave us the opportunity to talk in the children’s session, and we shared about Brazil and challenged them to taking up their cross to follow Him, whatever that may entail.  One of the folks from a supporting church graciously opened up their home to us while we were out for the conference, and we enjoyed a wonderful time catching up with them and some of the folks at the church at a birthday party on Saturday.  We are continually blown away by the opportunity that deputation gives; that Friday night Emily was able to help out with the church’s Awana and got to go through the gospel with two of the children (unfortunately Brandon had schoolwork due and couldn’t come L).

On the 7th we got to share the ministry with New Boston Baptist Church in New Boston, New Hampshire.  One of the neat things about this church is the wonderfully balanced array of ages in the congregation and how long they hung around after the morning service – that is such a great testimony to their care for one another.  Pastor Hobi and his dear wife had us in their home for lunch, where we enjoyed talking to them about ministry and how God has worked in their lives.  Please pray with us for Pastor Hobi and the church in New Boston, as it is their desire to see that growing community be reached with the gospel.

Very, very early on Monday morning we took off for New Stanton, Pennsylvania.  Nine and a half hours later we arrived at the PARBC conference, where we enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the Pennsylvania pastors and listening to preaching from men of God.  The pastor of our sending church was there with Ronnie Mathis representing Grace Baptist Bible College in Winston-Salem, NC and it was so good to see him again!  We miss our church family on deputation but are thankful for all the opportunities God has given us.  Wednesday after the conference we drove back up to Albion, where we have been doing laundry, school work, and preparing for a lengthy trip back up to New England.

Thank you all so much for your prayers.  It is always an encouragement to us to see the number of people who have read our blog posts!

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