Deputation – Week 74

On Saturday, April 13th, we got back in the van and drove up to North Conway, New Hampshire.  It is a quaint tourist town with a ski slope, running train, and many cute shops.  Because the town is a tourist attraction, First Baptist Church often has visitors.  Two of the men visiting that Sunday morning were Brazilians!  Did you know that according to a 2007 census, Portuguese is the 3rd most commonly spoken language in New Hampshire?  Neither did we!

We have had the opportunity to get to know Pastor Lawrence Brown at the NRBFC pastor’s conferences over the last year, so it was great to see the ministry there in North Conway firsthand and to meet the folks there.  It was encouraging to see a large group return for the evening service.  The church is currently trying to finish remodeling a community center right there in town, to be used to further the gospel ministry there.  On Monday evening we had the opportunity to go to a pastor’s fellowship.

When one of Brandon’s professors informed the class that this week would be the busiest of the semester, we were very thankful that it fell on the one week in April that we aren’t travelling lots of hours to go to a state pastor’s conference!  God worked that out perfectly.  We’d appreciate your prayers as Brandon works hard on his schoolwork and we seek to touch base with a number of pastors while we’re up here in New England.


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