Deputation – Week 75

On Wednesday the 17th we had the opportunity to visit Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire, and enjoyed meeting the folks there.  Earlier that week, Emily discovered that one of her childhood penpals lived 20 minutes from where we were staying in New Boston, so they were able to catch up for coffee.  Facebook really does help people reconnect!

That Sunday we had the privilege of presenting our ministry at Faith Baptist Church in Kittery, Maine.  It’s a small but growing fellowship of believers and Pastor Kauffman is encouraged by some of the things that are happening there.  Pastor Kauffman and his wife Allison graciously hosted us and we all got along very well, despite the fact that Pastor is a NASCAR fan while Brandon is most decidedly not. 🙂

Bright and early on Monday morning we left for Horseheads, New York to attend the ESF conference.  In one of our conversations there, we found ourselves talking to a former pastor’s wife from Kittery.  She was, of course, excited to hear about how the church was doing and that we had just been there.  The conference speaker, Matt Morrell, from Fourth Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was excellent and we appreciated his messages.

Tuesday afternoon had us on the road headed back up to New Hampshire.  Our host family, the St. Johns, had invited us to attend IBM Global’s missions conference, and we spent a couple days sitting under their good speakers.  On Wednesday evening we attended Merrimack Baptist Church with our hosts.  Brandon’s classes were getting ready to wrap up, so in our “free” time, that kept him very busy.

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