Deputation – Week 76

On Saturday the 27th we left New Hampshire for a missions conference at Pinecrest Baptist Church in PMillbury, Massachusetts, where Roy and Karen Kinney are working in a church rescue ministry. The Kinneys are old family friends of the Emily’s family, which made the weekend especially fun. The church is meeting in a building they share with an antique auction house. The main room is split by a staircase, which makes it almost like you’re preaching to two different groups of people; that was a unique experience! The church is seeing some very exciting things happen, and is very diverse in those attending: the people range from unsaved or newly saved to former missionaries who have served the Lord for many years. Preaching to a crowd with so many years of ministry experience was a little nerve-wracking! Pastor Kinney showed us land the church had bought to build on, and although there is a lot to be done before they are even ready to build, the church is vibrant and ready to undertake what the Lord has for them.

The Kinneys very kindly let us stay in their camper as long as we needed it, so we made it our base of operations for the next few days. On Monday we took a short trip out to Framingham, MA and visited the Brazilian section of town. That evening Brandon took the final for one his classes (very exciting to have done!). We were able to attend the FBF conference on Tuesday up in Maine and had the opportunity to meet several pastors and renew acquaintance with some we already knew. Very surprisingly, an evangelist, Chuck Kempf, remembered Emily from visiting their church in Maine many years ago! (She was only 11 when they moved!) To have a memory like that…. 

We stayed Tuesday night with Pastor Al Thibault, who very graciously opened his home to us on very short notice and enjoyed a great time of fellowship with him. Wednesday and Thursday were both very full, as we spent the days driving through Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut visiting pastors. After practically a month spent on the road, it was very nice to arrive home on Thursday night! We praise the Lord for a good and profitable time in New England and for safety over many, many miles.

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