Deputation – Week 77

Spring has finally come!! The last time we left Albion, everything was effectively dead, but when we arrived back, spring was in full bloom (living next to an apple orchard has its perks)! After having a couple days to recoup and do laundry, we got back in our van and took off for the Syracuse area for a meeting at Dresserville Bible Baptist Church. About the same time we arrived in Moravia, Pastor Rofe and his family arrived home from their son’s graduation at BJU. The Rofes have six children, five of whom are home this summer. We felt right at home and had a fun evening of unpacking vehicles, making and eating tacos, and playing Catch Phrase.

The church has many farming families in it, which also made Brandon feel right at home. First thing Sunday morning he and Pastor Rofe went to get raw milk from one of the farms nearby – Brandon was so excited! The church has many kids and young people; the Patch the Pirate Club sang special music. It’s so wonderful to see children memorizing God’s Word and using their talents in the church! Because their evening service didn’t start until 7:30, we had a nice long afternoon with the Rofes to fellowship, eat delicious lasagna and homemade brownies, play Scrabble and Guesstures, and even take a little nap. The evening service ended at about 8:40, but when we left at 9:40, there were still people standing around chatting. One of the ladies said that was very normal for the church. What a good testimony for a church, when their people love to fellowship!

On Mother’s Day we didn’t have a meeting, so we were able to be with Emily’s mom and grandparents for the day. It’s amazing the things you can do with modern technology – almost the entire Milroy side of the family was able to get on Skype and see each other all at one time from three different states. Although it’s not quite the same as being there, we are so thankful for the technological progress and the way we will be able to use it to keep in contact with family and friends when we are in Brazil.

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