Deputation – Week 78

In the Adirondacks (and portions of New England), late May is affectionately (or not) dubbed “Black Fly Season”. And what other time of the year would we schedule three meetings in the Adirondacks? That’s right, none. 

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to present our ministry to the folks at Horicon Baptist Church in Brant Lake, NY. Brant Lake is a pretty little tourist town in the Adirondack Park. The Saturday before we came, the town had a fishing derby, at which the church gave away free donuts and coffee. During Sunday School and the morning service, we got to know the church and enjoyed a nice time of fellowship with one of the couples over lunch.

Due to the hospitality of Independent Baptist Church and Pastor Hartwig, we are able to base out of Indian Lake for Black Fly Season. This summer is going to be a busy time of ministry with weeks of camp and Vacation Bible School, and the quietness of the Adirondack Mountains has been an ideal location for preparation for those ministries (inside, away from black flies – which, truth be told, actually haven’t gotten bad yet). In addition, we got to visit and give a report to one of our supporting churches, the First Baptist Church of Corinth. That Wednesday the folks at First Baptist spent time planning for a community outreach they are planning for August 17th. It was a blessing to hear all their ideas to reach the people in and around Corinth and to be a part of their brainstorming session. As you think of it, they would appreciate your prayers for it.

On Thursday evening we had the chance to spend some time with Pastor Radford and his family (from Brant Lake) and get to know them and see their excitement and passion for ministry. Pastor Kevin is part of the fire department there, so he gets to see many difficult things and to know the people in their community. Pastor Hartwig and his wife are always a source of knowledge and encouragement to us when we are around them and we enjoyed the time we could spend with them this week. Over Memorial Day weekend (which was terribly cold and rainy), Indian Lake was having a town-wide yard sale. But, being the deal lovers that they are, Mrs. Hartwig and Emily braved the bad weather and went. Something that impressed Emily from the weekend is that everywhere they went, Mrs. Hartwig knew people. She has taken the time to get involved in a couple community ladies’ clubs and through it, she has become known in town and it’s opening up opportunities to share the gospel and minister to the ladies of Indian Lake.

Overall it was a very productive and encouraging week. From everything we’ve heard about the Adirondacks, the folks up here aren’t very easy to reach, but it’s been neat to see the effort being made by the pastors and churches to know and reach their communities for Christ.

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