Deputation – Week 79

This last weekend we had the opportunity to share the ministry with Knowlhurst Baptist Church in Stony Creek, NY. As is the case in many parts of the Northeast, Stony Creek is just a small town with about 750 people, but Pastor Fullam and the folks at Knowlhurst have a desire to reach those 750 people with the Gospel. They have recently seen one person come to Christ and begin growing and getting involved in the church, which has of course been very exciting.

Over the weekend we stayed with a sweet lady in the church named Beulah, who was a single missionary to India for forty years. What a privilege it is for us young bucks to have the opportunity to sit and listen and converse with someone who has given their life in service to the Lord! And what a blessing to see her, twenty years after coming back from the field, burdened for the lost in her town and actively involved in sharing the Gospel with them.

Like many others, Knowlhurst is a very small church and can’t support a lot of missionaries financially, but we were so encouraged to hear about how they pray for many missionaries!

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