Deputation – Week 81

This past weekend we drove down to Kylertown, Pennsylvania. Our travels have taken us all around PA, but we haven’t had too many meetings in the center of the state. It’s beautiful country through there.

Our weekend with Messiah Baptist Church started off with a cookout – does it get any better than that?? Pastor Shawley and his family had invited over the folks from their missions committee and we all had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship as we got to know each other around a campfire. The church put us up in a beautiful bed and breakfast down the road from the church (if you’re ever in that area and need a place to stay, we recommend it – just look up “Mountain View Farms B&B.” The folks who run it are very sweet and conscientious.).

Messiah Baptist is made up of a vast array of ages, which is always encouraging to see, and it was neat to see little babies being passed around by the various generations of families. While it seems to be a trend among young people to go off and “find their own church”, it is good to see some who are content where God has placed them. Because it was the 5th Sunday of the month, they had a fellowship dinner after the morning service and (like in any good Baptist church) it was all delicious. The mystery of deputation is how we don’t end up gaining fifty pounds with all the good meals we’re provided! The cookout and fellowship dinner provided a great time to get to know the church family and to see their heart for the community.

As you read this and if you remember it throughout the week, please pray for Messiah Baptist as they begin their Vacation Bible School on the 8th. We would appreciate your prayer too, as we begin a week of summer camp this coming Monday. We will be at Moose River Baptist Youth Camp and Brandon will be speaking to a group of 2nd-4th graders. Please pray, 1) That he would have wisdom and boldness in his words while preaching God’s Word, 2) That we would get to know these kids and have opportunities to challenge them toward salvation or godly living throughout the activities of the week, 3) For the other staff members as well as they are seeking to be used of the Lord in the lives of these kids, and 4) That the Holy Spirit would be working in the kid’s hearts, that they would be receptive to His Word. Thank you!! We are so appreciative of your prayers and confident that God is working through them.

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