Deputation – Week 82

This past week was spent at Moose River Baptist Youth Camp for their junior week. The numbers were small, only seven kids, but we had a great time with them and the staff. Brandon was stretched as he taught the 8-10 year olds about the Armor of God (which he did very well, in his wife’s opinion). We borrowed a suit of Roman armor from a friend in North Carolina and it was our visual for the week. Every day a different kid would put on and model the different pieces of armor during the lessons. (Which they loved! Even the littlest camper wanted to try it on. Pretty sure the armor weighs more than she does!!) During every lesson Brandon would review the pieces of armor we’d already studied and the Biblical examples (both positive and negative) that went along with that piece of armor. It was neat to watch and listen to the kids throughout the week, as they would talk about the armor and put into practice the things they were learning. For example, one morning a counselor was talking with one of the kids and jokingly said something that wasn’t true. Another camper who was listening quickly piped up, “You didn’t put on your belt of truth today.” Some of the children in particular seemed to be very concerned about the other kids, inviting them to come and play if they were sitting alone.

The week was full of fun as we played games, went swimming, had water fights, ate yummy camp food, and interacted with the kids. Throughout the week we had a contest between the boys and the girls, with them taking notes during chapel, memorizing verses, and cleaning their cabins. They seemed to enjoy the competition and went away having Scripture in their minds.

After camp ended on Saturday, we drove to Denmark, NY and spent the day with Pastor Chris Paine and his family, who were gearing up for intermediate week. Our time with them was very enjoyable as we got to know them. Pastor Paine took Brandon out golfing for his first time! On Sunday we presented the ministry there at Denmark Baptist Church.

Thank you for your prayers for this week of camp! Please continue to pray for the camp, as they are beginning their intermediate week and this Sunday we will be back for their senior week. Pray that God will be at work in the camper’s hearts, for the speakers, and for strength for all the staff.

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