Deputation – Week 83 (Summer Camp…Take 2)

Good afternoon, praying friends. We have a little catching up to do!

Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to share our ministry with First Baptist Church in Castle Creek during the morning service. Castle Creek is a small town right outside of Binghamton, NY. Pastor Maskell was out of town, but we had a great time with the Bowman family and many other folks from Castle Creek. As we spent time chatting with the Bowmans we were repeatedly surprised at how many paths share and how many people we have in common. We had a great time learning about them and the church family there. During our Sunday afternoon Brandon went out running with the Bowman’s son, Adam.

Several churches in the Binghamton area were gathering together for a Sunday Evening Bible Conference at Central Baptist Church, and we had the opportunity to go and listen to some good preaching and renew acquaintances with a number of people. We then headed straight back up to the Adirondacks for our second week of camp. We were serving at MRBYC for Senior High Camp. We got in a little late and got right into things at camp.

Senior Camp was an adventure. Emily was quickly designated as “honorary counselor” as well as kitchen staff, and Brandon was speaking along with Pastor Hartwig, the dean of Senior Week. The adventures all began on Monday with a several-hour-long canoe trip and water training. Tuesday was relatively low-key, with some map and compass training around camp, as well as some easy hiking. Wednesday morning we headed out for our overnight camping trip. We hiked up Blue Mountain on Tuesday (an all-day event). When we got back to the lean-to Wednesday evening we quickly ate dinner and headed up the hill for church. Thursday was our all-day canoe trip. We canoed along the chain lakes for about 15 miles. The weather was perfect – crystal clear skies and a temperature of 70 degrees. Naturally, for the fair-skinned Carmichaels, that meant sunburn. It seemed that even sunscreen couldn’t touch the sun’s glares. It was a pleasant day overall, however. We got back to camp early Thursday evening. Friday was very much a recovery day as we began to wrap up the week of camp. Saturday we cleaned the camp and all headed out. We then drove down to Elmira, NY.

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