Deputation – Week 84 (VBS Week 1)

On Saturday after we finished our week at camp we headed straight to Elmira, NY. We were to spend Sunday with Maple Ave Baptist Church and serve the entire week with the church in VBS. We spent the week in the home of Mrs. Pat Otto, who was a very gracious host to us. Pastor Brown and his family did everything they could to make our time with the church enjoyable. Each evening we had VBS at the church, and had quite relaxing times throughout the days. After a week of camp, VBS felt like a walk in the park!
We had a good number of kids come out to VBS throughout the week. Though the attendance numbers began a little bit low, more children came throughout the week. We learned a lot throughout the week about teaching and communicating with the children, and really felt like it was a profitable week in every way. It was neat to be able to talk with some of the children one-on-one about the Gospel. A number of folks in the church went out of their way to spend time with us, and we enjoyed the fellowship we had with them. We were also able to spend a lot of time chatting with Pastor Brown about Missions and church ministry. We have enjoyed getting to know him over the past few years as we’ve been on deputation.
After our week of VBS we headed back to Albion for Sunday worship and our second week of VBS…which we are currently wrapping up. It’s been nice to be back in Albion for a few days to get some rest and serve here in our home town.

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