Deputation – Weeks 85-87 (VBS’s #2 & 3)

The week following VBS in Elmira, we came back to Albion to help out with VBS at Victory Baptist, where Emily’s father pastors. Preparations began very soon after getting back, as Emily started making plans on how to decorate her classroom. The theme was “Kingdom Chronicles,” put out by Answers in Genesis. One of the men at the church built a castle that that took up almost the whole front of the church, and the drama team put on an impressive play every day throughout the week. Brandon headed up game time for the younger age groups, which included games that went along with the lessons on the armor of God. In addition, during the opening each day, he came out in Roman armor and explained about the various pieces, what they were used for, and a brief explanation of how we should be putting on the armor of God. Each night a different man from the church taught the adult class, and on Friday Brandon was able to teach on prayer.
While Brandon ran games, Emily taught the pre-primary class. The group was generally attentive and definitely a lot of fun. The great thing about that age group is that you can be silly, use funny voices, and use overly exaggerated motions and they don’t look at you like you’re strange….at least, not too strange. 🙂 The theme of castles and kingdoms provided a wonderful picture for the children of how we are born into the kingdom of darkness, led by Satan, and how we can only become a part of God’s kingdom through faith in Jesus. (For those theologians reading this, here “kingdom” is meant in a general sense, not a millennial one. 😉 )

On Saturday the 11th we drove southeast to Rowley, Massachusetts (you don’t often think of New England as being south, do you??). Sunday we had the opportunity to share our ministry with First Baptist Church, and we had the privilege of helping with their VBS that following week. Since we had already taught that particular VBS material in Elmira, we had offered to teach in Rowley, which they let us do. The weather was absolutely beautiful that entire week, and we had a great VBS. Brandon taught grades 1-6 while Emily taught the (rather large) kindergarten class (she was very thankful for her three helpers!!). We had a brief missionary time each day and although it had been a few years for both of us, we also helped out with puppets. What a great opportunity to share the gospel, as the material went from Jesus’ birth to His resurrection and ascension. The children listened intently as we described the events that led up to the cross and asked great questions every day! Please pray that God would continue using His Word in their hearts to draw them to Himself.
We had a wonderful time with the folks at First Baptist throughout the week and appreciated all their hospitality and labor for VBS during the week. The town of Rowley was incorporated in 1639 and the church was established in 1839. It’s amazing to drive through New England and see the history! Pastor Cressey and the folks there in Rowley would certainly appreciate your prayers as they seek to reach the community there.

Following VBS in Rowley, we had a meeting at Mountain View Bible Church in Dublin, New Hampshire. Let me tell you, the church is fittingly named! From the backyard of the parsonage was such a beautiful view that we couldn’t stop but look out at it every chance we got!! Pastor Pelletier has been at the church for only a year so far, but it was neat to see that even in such a short time, he and his family have made quite an impact on the folks there. The church is very intentionally trying to reach their community with the gospel. During the afternoon on this particular Sunday they had a ministry at a local nursing home, which we were able to take part in. One of the ladies from the church was telling us about a lady from the nursing home that she had invested time in and eventually led to the Lord. This lady recently had a surgery that will make it so she can talk, for the purpose of telling her son about Christ. It’s awesome when anyone comes to Christ, but it’s so neat to hear about an elderly person being saved because it is not as common. Then to see how excited she is to tell her family is absolutely wonderful! Please pray with us for Mountain View as they continue reaching out to the town of Dublin.

After our meeting at Dublin, we travelled to New Berlin, New York where we spent a few days with some friends who are just getting moved into their new house. He has just taken the pastorate at the First Baptist Church in New Berlin and they’ve been doing a lot of remodeling this summer. After a busy summer of ministry, it was relaxing to hang out with them and help them with a few odds and ends projects.

This past weekend we were supposed to have a meeting in New York City. It ended up getting rescheduled, which has given a little bit of time to rest and get ready for a busy fall.

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf. Please continue praying as we continue deputation and are involved in ministries along the way. This spring and summer, Brandon has had some really neat opportunities to share the gospel with a couple guys he’s been running with here in Albion. If you follow our blog and have anything we can be praying for you regarding, please contact us and let us know!

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