Deputation – Week 88

Last Sunday we had the privilege of presenting the ministry at Servants Baptist Church in Camden, NY. Pastor Tom Phillips and his wife are involved in church recovery work with BCP, so they are there trying to help the church get back on its feet. Something a little bit neat about this meeting is that several years ago when Brandon went to Brazil and Emily to South Africa on our MAP trips, Pastor Phillips was our point of contact with the mission board that we went with. Especially because it had been such a long time, it was nice to catch up with them and hear about where they’ve been and what’s happening at Servants Baptist. Please join us in prayer for the work there in Camden.

It has become a yearly tradition that every Labor Day we drive down to Spartansburg, PA for the Sparty Fair and 5k. We stayed with our friends the Zinz and spent the week with the wonderful folks at First Baptist. Brandon ran a sub-20 minute race, which he was thrilled about (that’s a 6:22 pace per mile – fast, in other words. And as his wife, I can brag 😉 ). The church always hands out water to the runners as one way to be an involved part of the community.

While in Spartansburg, we were able to visit some pastors in the area and meet the new pastor of the church Brandon grew up in, First Baptist of Mayville. We hope every missionary feels this way, but we just love the supporting churches that God has given us! They are always an encouragement and we have been able to establish great relationships with them.

This past weekend we were supposed to be at a church in New England, but that meeting ended up getting rescheduled. (Which makes twice in three weeks…kind of strange, but God knows!) As a result, we were able to visit one of our supporting churches in the area and we had a wonderful day with the folks there.

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