Deputation – Week 92

After the missions conference at Los Gatos, we headed back up to Hayward where we were staying with a couple from the church. Being out in California has its perks, and one of them was going out kayaking on the ocean with Brandon’s brother and sister-in-law, Adam and Christa. We’ve been canoeing before, buy kayaking on the ocean was a blast! We got to see lots of wildlife: seals, birds, otters, and surfers. Being out on the ocean is much different than a lake – by the time we were done, we had salt dried on our clothes and skin! It was really nice getting to see Adam and Christa again and spending the day with them.

On Saturday Brandon ran a half-marathon with Pastor Eldred from Fairway Park Baptist Church. It was a trail race, which is more difficult than a road race, but they both did very well!

This past Sunday we presented the ministry at Sunrise Valley Baptist Church in San Jose. The folks there were very kind, and we enjoyed our time of fellowship with them. They had a potluck after the morning service, and one of the ladies had made Brazilian feijoada! What a wonderful surprise! The church operates a preschool, which has given them opportunities to reach out to the families of the children who come and from which they have seen fruit. Please join us in prayer for Pastor Shaw and the folks there as they continue ministering to their community.

Although we enjoyed our time on the West coast, we were ready to come home to the East coast! We caught a red-eye flight on Monday night and arrived back in Albion at noon on Tuesday. This week will be full of catch-up work and looking ahead to a busy fall of meetings! We appreciate your prayers as we travel!

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