Deputation – Week 95

After our meeting in Staten Island, we drove six and a half hours back home to make it for the ESF conference in Batavia. For the next two days we enjoyed the fellowship of many pastors and their wives and fellow missionaries. While there we discovered that one of our fellow missionaries has finished raising his support and leaves for Bangladesh on November 7th. Praise the Lord!! When he told us, he had the biggest, happiest grin on his face – we can’t wait for it to be our turn to grin like that! 

Friday began a missions conference at Dryden Baptist Church in Dryden, NY. Pastor Ron Miller and his family have been there for a few years; their four children are adorable. One of the best parts of a missions conference is being in the homes of folks from the church and getting to know them. Well, this church has an overabundance of energetic, fun folks. It was an absolute blast hanging out with this church family and seeing their family dynamic! Also at the conference were Dave Coy from Camp BaYouCa, as well as Chip and Karen Wood and their children, who just joined Baptist Church Planters to revamp JOY Club. We really appreciated these folks, their desire to serve the Lord, and the ministries with which they are involved. It was obvious through many conversations during the course of the weekend that the folks there at Dryden have a real desire to reach the lost in their community and to support each other as a family of believers in Christ.

We received word on Tuesday afternoon that Fairway Park Baptist Church, one of the churches we visited in California last month, has taken us on for monthly financial support! We were very excited to receive this news from Pastor Eldred and are glad to be so partnered with his church family. We are now 2/3 of the way finished, with 66% of our committed support needs met. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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