Deputation – Week 96

Last weekend we had the opportunity to be with Bethel Bible Church in Berwick, PA for their missions emphasis Sunday. Because Bethel is a supporting church we’ve been through the area on several occasions, and it is so neat to see the growth (both spiritual and numerical) that has taken place between each visit. A number of the folks there are newer believers, and it has been thrilling to see and hear about what God has done and continues to do in their lives! These folks are a huge source of encouragement to us! Jim Berg’s wife, Pat, was speaking at a ladies’ seminar not far from Berwick and the host church graciously welcomed Emily to attend last minute. It was extremely helpful and convicting; Mrs. Berg has a way of presenting God’s Word that is both sweetly gentle and no-nonsense!

Pastor Thomas very kindly let us stay a few extra days in Berwick so that we could get in touch with some pastors in the area, and we praise the Lord that we were able to touch base with some pastors both in New York and Pennsylvania. We would appreciate your prayers for a couple specific things: 1) Please pray that our schedule will fill up for next year and 2) Pray that God would bring the remainder of our support in quickly. We are currently at about 66%, so we’re getting close! And 3) Please pray for the hearts those with whom we are working in the Albion area. God has given some neat opportunities to share the Gospel this year and He must continue using His Word in their lives if we are to see change.

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