Deputation – Week 97

The weekend of the 10th found us driving up to Weare, New Hampshire for a meeting at Village Chapel Baptist Church.  This body of believers began as a church plant several years ago, and it was exciting to see and hear the people’s excitement and desire to reach their neighbors and co-workers with the Gospel.  We spent four services with this church family, and not a service went by that someone didn’t give testimony to a witnessing opportunity or to how they could see God working in their lives.  Sunday School that morning was on prayer, and we were all challenged by the necessity of prayer and that God does indeed answer.

Pastor Dean and the folks there were very gracious and let us spend the entire week in their church’s Prophet’s Chamber.  The week was very busy as we took advantage of the opportunity to travel around New Hampshire and visit some pastors in the area.  It constantly amazes us how small the world is: at our last stop on Tuesday, we met a pastor who had worked in children’s ministry with Brandon’s dad at the church in Pennsylvania where Brandon was saved!  Talking to this pastor, both of his time in PA and about the ministry there in NH, was extremely encouraging; we left praising the Lord for this church that is known for prayer and is actively reaching their community.

It was a blessing throughout the week to get to know the folks at Village Chapel and to take part in their teen activity on Friday.  We had a blast playing games with those kids in the dark and freezing cold weather, but also enjoyed sitting around the warm campfire socializing with the adults.  The pastor’s soon-to-be son-in-law gave a challenge from God’s Word, and we had a good time getting to know him and his fiancé.  They are interested in church planting in the inner cities; it was encouraging to see their desire to be involved in that much-needed ministry.

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