Deputation – Week 100(!)

After our last meeting of the year at Holland, we headed down to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with Brandon’s family. We were also going so that Brandon could teach Introduction to Computers at Grace Baptist Bible College. We had a wonderful time while we were there, both with Brandon’s family and our church family. Brandon had the opportunity to preach a short message during our Thanksgiving service on the 27th. It is always special to be able to preach at your home church.

Our last blog post left off with our van having radiator issues. Well, we ended up buying a new radiator installed by a friend from our home church, who is an excellent mechanic. It turns out the problem was with the radiator cap. To be honest, we were a little bit frustrated to be replacing a six-month-old radiator and we wondered why God had allowed that to happen – was He trying to teach us something? The answer to that question became obvious when our mechanic friend informed us that our rear brakes were very bad and needed to be replaced before we could go anywhere, much less New York. (This was the day before we were supposed to drive back.) Our friend didn’t have time to replace the brakes but found a place he trusted that could get us in within half an hour. We are so thankful to have friends who go out of their way to help us out in a pinch. It was really great to see how God worked everything out: we never would have known that we needed to replace the brakes if we hadn’t had the radiator issue! Well, that’s not entirely true…our friend said we would have found out when we had a brake fire in Virginia. God is so gracious. 🙂

Our drive up to Maine, NY was (thankfully!) very uneventful. On the 7th Brandon served on an ordination council, which recommended to First Baptist Church that they ordain Pastor Ben Winn to the Gospel ministry. This Sunday we will be driving back to Maine for the ordination service, at which Brandon has the privilege of speaking.

As always, we appreciate all of your prayers. We do value your friendship and prayers, so if there is ever anything specific that we can be praying for you about, we would love to do so – just send us a Facebook message or e-mail.

If you would pray specifically for a couple things, we would appreciate it: Emily is speaking at a ladies’ Christmas party on the 13th and (as mentioned before) Brandon is taking part in the ordination service on the 15th. Thank you so much and if we don’t put up another update before then, have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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