Deputation – Week 101

We had the opportunity to spend one more weekend in Maine, NY this last week. If you remember, last week we were in Maine for Pastor Ben’s ordination council. The actual ordination service took place this past Sunday, and Pastor Ben had asked Brandon to deliver the charge to him while another Pastor delivered the charge to the church family. It was a little bit of a crazy weekend, as a decent snowstorm came through the area on Friday and Saturday, making travel on Sunday questionable. We spent Sunday morning with our home church in Albion, enjoyed a fellowship dinner with them after the service, then headed down to Binghamton in the afternoon. By Sunday afternoon the roads were pretty well cleared, and we really didn’t have any trouble with the weather.

The ordination service went very well. It was a great time of fellowship with the people, and a real privilege to be able to have a part in the service like we did. For Brandon’s part, the service went smoothly, and Pastor Sal’s charge to the congregation was very challenging as well. We found it convicting, and we’re not even part of that church! He had based his charge for the congregation mainly from Ephesians 4, while Brandon’s charge dealt with the text of Acts 20.

Sunday evening we spent with Pastor Ben and his family, and headed out Monday morning for home. We have spent much of the week preparing for Christmas. Emily has been doing a lot of cooking and present-wrapping, and we both have been cleaning the house. We also enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with Emily’s parents. Family will begin to arrive tonight.

We wish you all a merry Christmas.

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