Deputation – Christmas/New Year Rest

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a blessed Christmas and enjoyable New Year’s celebration.

We had a great Christmas with Emily’s family in town. We had family in from California, Florida and North Carolina. It made for a very full house and a lot of great memories. Of course, what would Christmas be without a power outage? The Sunday before Christmas we had an ice storm go through town, and we were without power for about 31 hours, from early Sunday morning until Monday mid-day. Some folks from the church allowed us to borrow a generator, so we were not without heat during that time (which was a huge blessing!).

Christmas celebrations went well, as most of the Milroy extended family came to the house on Christmas afternoon. It was actually pretty funny, because by the time all the extended family went home on Christmas evening, the house felt almost empty – and we still had 14 people in the house! Dad had me preach the evening message the Sunday after Christmas, and we headed out to North Carolina the next morning. We’ll be here in North Carolina for the next week or so, before heading up to Launch Seminar at BMM on the 13th.

Thanks for all your prayers!

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