Deputation – Launch Seminar Update

What a wonderful time we had this past week at Launch Seminar in Cleveland!  It was great to reconnect with the office staff and get to know them better throughout the week.  For those of you who may not know, Launch Seminar is 3 and ½ days of training at Baptist Mid’s home office.  We learned about field procedures, conflict resolution, finances, discipleship, and many other topics!  They reviewed a number of things they had told us in Candidate Seminar, but it was amazing how much more sense it made this time!!   Each day for lunch and dinner different administrators and support staff took us out to lunch – apparently they are trying to help us put on the “Deputation 50.”  Jonathan and Hannah Romaine (Spain) and Bob and Rebekah Bass (Peru) also at Launch; it was fun to hear about their experiences on the Deputation Trail.  Each morning the home office gave each of us couples the opportunity to share a little bit about what God had taught us through deputation.  What a blessing it was to hear from the Romaines and Basses and also to be able to share with a room full of veterans who have themselves done deputation.

Since they are fresh in our minds, we would like to share with you a few of the things God had taught us during our time on deputation:

– The Church has a face (many of them, in fact!).  As we think about the Church in North America, we call to remembrance many of your faces and through this process God has given us a heart for the Church here.

– We cannot take ourselves too seriously.  At BMM we recounted a couple of the more embarrassing moments on deputation.  It was inevitable that we would say or do stupid and embarrassing things in front of hundreds of people, and we just had to say: it’s not about me!

– Flexibility.  What missionary doesn’t learn that on deputation??

– How to better serve others.  Being in so many churches and different homes has helped us immensely to see needs and opportunities around us.

– God is so good!!  He provides, He encourages, He works.

Thank you for your prayers!  We are super excited as we begin the last leg of deputation!!

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