Deputation – Week Pre-102

Our last Sunday before travelling gets going for the year, we took the opportunity to visit a supporting church on the 26th. During these last three winters full of driving, we have been so thankful for God’s gracious hand of protection which He continued to show on Sunday. A snow covered road, a hill with a slight curve and a stop sign at the bottom made for a run-in with a guard rail (which we were very thankful was there!) and some front-end damage. No one was hurt, though, and we still made it in time for Sunday School! Praise the Lord for His goodness! Despite the eventful start to the morning, we had a wonderful time with First Baptist Church of Wyoming. The vast array of both physical and spiritual ages was very encouraging, and it was edifying to hear Pastor Evan’s clear and gentle instruction both in Sunday School and the morning service. We were among the last to leave that morning, about an hour after the close of the service; it is so good to see a church that love to fellowship. Pastor Ben, their associate pastor, told us about an upcoming missions trip they are planning and asked about the possibility of bringing a team to Brazil. We are so excited to be able to host teams from the States!

Last week we received thrilling news: within a 24 hour period, we learned that two of our supporting churches voted to increase our support and another church voted to take us on. In a matter of 24 hours, our support level jumped 5%, putting us now at 76%! Praise the Lord! Less than a quarter to go! Since Launch Seminar we have begun getting together the documents we will need to apply for our visas and we’ve stepped up our Portuguese – it won’t be long now before we are in Brazil!!


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