Deputation – Week 102

This past weekend we had the privilege of traveling to not only the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers (had to throw that in there!) but the home of Pastor Strangman and Swissvale Baptist Church. We had previously met Pastor Strangman at several conferences and enjoyed getting to spend the weekend with his family. It was a very disappointing weekend for the Strangman family, though they were very gracious to us throughout it. See, Saturday night the Syracuse Orange beat the Duke Blue Devils in men’s basketball. The Strangmans are big Duke fans. Then, Sunday night the Denver Broncos were destroyed by the Seahawks, and the Strangmans are also big Broncos fans. They were very good to us, though, through all the loss.

Swissvale Baptist Church has been around for a long time; Pastor Strangman told us that their present church building used to be the Presbyterian church in Swissvale. In the 1920s the Baptists purchased the building and moved it through town on wooden logs to the place where it now sits. It is a beautiful old building! Of course we had a wonderful time with the folks there and our time of fellowship was extended throughout the day as several members came to the Strangman’s house to watch the Superbowl (which was a highly disappointing game). Despite the sad game, it was a lot of fun to spend the evening with fellow believers and we are thankful that the object of our fellowship is so much greater than football – it is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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