Deputation – Week 104

This past Sunday took us to Schenevus, New York. We had met Pastor Culver before at an ESF conference and we enjoyed getting to know him better over the weekend. Pastor Culver used to be a chemistry teacher at a Christian school and Emily in particular was very thankful for his knowledge of science when he alleviated her fears of drinking Coca Cola. (Because I like Coke!)

The church had us in for their missions emphasis Sunday and we were very impressed by the amount of work and planning they had obviously put into it. Sunday School was all combined, even including the children. Mrs. Peterson put together a program that informed both the children and adults about missions, their role in missions as a church, facts about their missionaries, and (our part) a little introduction to Brazil. It was all done in a fun, interactive way that kept everyone’s attention. During the morning service they took the time to pray for each of their missionaries individually. Emily got to share a short devotional with the Ladies’ Missionary Fellowship and they built quite a bit of fellowship time into the day. We were very impressed with and encouraged by the focus of the day.

To finish off a great day on an equally great note, we stopped to visit a pastor friend and his family on our way home and ended up spending the night there. We are thankful to have friends with whom we can do that sort of thing. 🙂

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