Deputation – Week 105

This past weekend we had a great time revisiting Maple Avenue Baptist Church in Elmira, NY.  Pastor Brown arranged for us to eat meals with several of the families in the church over the course of three days, giving us great opportunities to get to know the folks there better and really get a feel for the heartbeat of the church.

It was a special blessing to be at Maple Ave on Sunday as we had the opportunity to see fruit from a ministry that we had the privilege to be a part of last summer.  Pastor Brown had invited us to teach and be the missionaries at their VBS last July, which was a lot of fun and we were able to share the Gospel with lots of kids in a group setting and also one-on-one.  Two of the children from VBS started coming to the church’s Patch the Pirate Club and went faithfully for months.  This past Sunday Mrs. Brown was able to sit and talk with them about the Gospel and they both professed faith in Jesus!  Praise the Lord!  And though we played only a small part in the ministry to these girls and it is God Who saves, it was nonetheless a special blessing to be at the church when the girls came to Christ.

To finish off a wonderful weekend, the church voted to partner with us in financial support, putting us at about 78%!  Please do pray for these girls and the folks at Maple Ave as they continue teaching and now encouraging them to walk in the Lord.

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