Deputation – Week 106

This past weekend took us to the First Baptist Church of Grove City, PA and it was a hugely encouraging weekend!! We had a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor Johnson and his wife (and can she ever cook!! If you want a delicious meal, go visit them!!), Pastor Doug and his family, another family from the church, and really the entire church family – all the folks were very friendly! The church population spanned all different age groups: the nursery ministry is rapidly expanding and at the same time, several members are 90+. We had the opportunity to speak to about a dozen teens in Sunday School and challenge them with God’s Word to be running this race of the Christian life as it is laid out in Scripture.

One thing especially stood out to us about the church and the leadership throughout the weekend. There is a joke about how Baptist churches multiply through division, which is sadly very true. We hear of these divisions occurring (and often it happens for not very good reasons), but we don’t often hear about reconciliation. At one point in time, a group split from First Baptist and started another church. However, during Pastor Johnson’s time Pastoring the church, the churches have worked through things, had a reconciliation service, and now fellowship with each other. What a blessing it was to hear about!

Pastor Johnson will be retiring in May; please pray for First Baptist as they seek to find the man that God would have to be their next pastor.

Coming up this week, we will be with the youth group tonight finishing up the book of Proverbs. Emily has started giving piano lessons to one of the teen girls on Wednesdays; please pray that it would be a time for not just learning the piano but also encouragement in following the Lord. The teen girls have a get-together on Friday. We would appreciate prayer as we continue to seek opportunities with our unsaved friends here in the Albion area. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in hearts here – it must be Him that does it. This weekend we will be at a church in Oxford, NY and we learned that a Brazilian exchange student will be there! We would appreciate your prayers for that as well!

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