Deputation – Week 107

The weekend of the 9th we had the opportunity to be at Faith Bible Church in Oxford, NY. Oxford is in a section of New York we are travelling to frequently this Spring: between Binghamton, Syracuse, and Albany. The church had been started about 23 years ago by Pastor Holtz, who is still pastoring there. He and his wife have been in ministry for over forty years, and it was neat to hear about the ministries God allowed them to be a part of. Pastor Holtz had some great stories of ministry in that area, and it was encouraging to both see and hear how the Lord has continued to bless this church in its 23 years. Pray with us for Pastor Holtz, that the Lord will continue to give him wisdom in leading and directing this church.

The following week was very busy! We drove down to the Scranton area in PA where Brandon dropped Emily off to spend the week with some dear folks from a supporting church while he attended a pastor’s conference in the Poconos. We both enjoyed a lot of good fellowship over the course of the week as we met new people and caught up with old friends! On Friday we headed farther south a missions conference in New Jersey.

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