Deputation – Week 109

This past weekend while visiting Calvary Baptist Church in Lancaster, PA we stayed with a ninety-four year old woman who had more energy than the both of us put together!!  She was a great blessing to us, and it was obvious that she was loved by her church family.  While at Calvary Baptist, we saw a vast age range and were encouraged to see the interaction between the generations.  A few college girls were going over to this 94-year-old’s home after church, and that was a blessing to see!  Our hostess’ daughter is a missionary to Brazil; we were thrilled when she called to talk to us on Saturday evening!!

Our visit to Calvary Baptist was uplifting – a number of folks from their church are taking part in three separate missions trips this year!  The church had a potluck after the morning service, at which they had an “ask the missionaries your final questions” time.  The first gentleman to get up asked us this question: “You say that you are going to minister to Brazilians…exactly how many is that?”  After sitting rather confused for a few moments, we got the joke.  (If you don’t get it yet, read it again – it’s actually pretty funny!!  We’d never heard it before.)  Also quite random, one of our friends from up in the Adirondacks walked into church on Sunday morning!  He was in town for a conference and had looked for a good church to visit!

As we left Lancaster, the road gave us a gift. See the picture below. Fortunately we were able to get it fixed in about an hour, and it really didn’t set us back at all. Along the way home we stopped to visit with a couple different pastor friends and their wives.  One of the pastors has had some very significant health issues this winter, so we were very encouraged to see that they were doing well and that through it all, they had maintained the joy of the Lord.  One of his doctors commented that they were different than the other people who come through his department.  They replied that they were Christians, to which he responded “I thought so.”  We hope that when we deal with health issues in the future, we will have this kind of testimony to those around us!

Last Friday and Saturday was the ESF Youth Seminar, to which we had the opportunity to take our youth group. They seemed to have a good time learning about how to build quality relationships with people from the church.

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