Deputation – Week 110

Good afternoon! We just got home last night from a couple weeks out of town, so this post is to let you know about our meeting a week and a half ago. We’ll let you know a little later about our travels this week.

Last Saturday Brandon ran a race in Rochester.  He was supposed to run it with a friend he’s been witnessing to, but because our friend ended up in the hospital the day before the race, he ran it alone.  His time for the race was very good, especially with it being was a tough course!  While he ran 9.3 miles (that last .3 is very important!), Emily hung out in the only warm building (it was 33 degrees outside!) with a mom and her 9-month-old.  Within a short time it was apparent that this woman comes from a very different worldview (for example, she and her husband had intended to dress their daughter in gender-neutral colors so that she could decide for herself who she wants to be).  We had a decent conversation and she was very interested in what we were going to be doing as church-planting missionaries.  Please join me in prayer that this lady would have taken away from our conversation the importance of the Bible and be interested enough to delve into it herself!  (And perhaps pray that I will get to see her again at another race!)

On Sunday we had the opportunity to visit Faith Baptist Tabernacle in Sherburne, NY.  Pastor J and his family have been at the church for three years.  We were encouraged to hear him tell us about some of the folks in his church who have a great heart for the ministry there.  They are striving to have self-producing discipleship going on in their church, along with true accountability.  It was a blessing to see!  Next week we will be at First Baptist of New Berlin (20 minutes from Sherburne), so we are spending the week with our friends Dan and Julie in New Berlin.  On Tuesday Brandon was able to attend a local pastor’s fellowship with Dan.  We were also able to spend some time with Pastor J and his family during the week, just getting to know them a bit better.  Pray with us for Faith Baptist as they strive to be a faithful light of the Gospel in Sherburne.

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