Deputation – Week 112

Palm Sunday and Easter were comparatively quiet weeks. For the first time since the beginning of our deputation, we didn’t have a meeting scheduled for Palm Sunday. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Brandon was too sick to go anywhere. God has such wonderful timing!! We had the privilege of singing in the Easter cantata at our home base in Albion. This year Easter fell on the week that they have nursing home ministry, so we got to present the cantata for those dear folks.

We tried to enjoy the brief lull before hitting the road for a month straight. Thank you to those of you who prayed for the teen retreat at our supporting church, Dresserville Bible Baptist Church, in Moravia, NY. The retreat went very well! The kids had a blast during the activities and were very interactive during all of the Bible times. The counselors did a great job, especially on very little sleep – those kids kept them up until one in the morning!! On Friday night, Pastor Rofe had the young adults over to his house and we got to share with them about God’s call on our lives to vocational ministry and have a good discussion on what putting God first looks like in today’s culture.

Sunday evening found us at Epsom Bible Church in Epsom, NH. Pastor Patterson, the Lead Pastor at Epsom Bible, was the Children’s Pastor at the church Brandon was saved in in Eastern PA. We had a great time of renewing acquaintances. The service was unique from any other church service we’ve been on during the last three years of deputation. After we presented the work in Brazil and Brandon opened up the Word, they had us sit in two chairs as the congregation gathered around and individuals lifted us and the ministry to Brazil up before the Lord. It was such a blessing and encouragement to us! When we stopped by the church last fall, Pastor Patterson assured us that the folks at Epsom would pray; after hearing their manner of prayer on Sunday, we have no doubt this is a praying church!

April/May is a fun time to be traveling. When we left home in New York, spring had barely begun – a few of the bushes had buds, but that’s all. New Hampshire was even farther behind. But when we drove down to Philadelphia for the PARBC conference, spring was in full bloom! The colors on the trees were vibrant and beautiful! This spring the theme of the PARBC conference was evangelism. We were all challenged by Evangelist Glen Shank’s messages. As always, we enjoyed the fellowship of the PA pastors and even got to see some of our friends from North Carolina who came up for the conference.

Every opportunity we get, we like to visit our supporting churches. First Baptist Church of Ogden once again let us stay in their mission house during the conference, and we had the opportunity to speak to their youth group on Wednesday evening. Their youth group is good-sized and a good number of the kids did not grow up in church. Despite flooding on many of the roads, some of the kids even walked to church for youth group!

Currently we are in Burnham, Maine (where they have a few buds on the trees), where we will be presenting tomorrow for the second time. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue traveling – we will be leaving for North Carolina on Monday, then driving back up to Maine the following Wednesday.

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