Deputation – Week 113

After the PARBC Conference, we drove up to Winslow, Maine for a second meeting at Burnham Baptist Church. Burnham is the church that Emily’s dad pastored for 14 years and the church at which Emily spent her first 11 years. Needless to say we had a great time with the folks there and enjoyed our time with our host, Pastor Thibault. Between Pastor Thibault and the ladies from the church, they kept us very well fed!

Our friends Brandon and Regina Bell are getting ready to leave for the Dominican Republic from North Carolina in early June with their two sons, so we drove down from Maine to see them before they leave. Part of missions is saying goodbyes, but it was sad to say goodbye not knowing when we would see them again – who knows if our furloughs will match up so that we will be in the States at the same time! It is exciting, though, that they are to the point of going to the field and it will be more exciting to see what God will do in and through them in the Dominican.

During our time in North Carolina we were also able to see our church family and Brandon’s family (which was especially nice over Mother’s Day weekend!). Our time in North Carolina is always busy, fun, and full of fellowship. It was a brief trip, though – we left on the 14th to drive back up to Maine. Brandon’s aunt and uncle in New Jersey invited us to spend the night halfway, which was a huge blessing. They are always an encouragement to us and we had the opportunity to meet their church family. Now we are back in Maine and in the middle of a missions conference at Berean Baptist Church in Brunswick. It has already been a blessing and challenge to us, but we’ll wait until next week to tell you about it!


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