Deputation – Week 115

The last Sunday of May, the 25th, found us once again in the State of Maine. After our meeting with Berean Baptist Church in Brunswick we traveled to Waterville, ME, where we stayed the week with a supporting Pastor.

On that note, we are excited to announce that Burnham Baptist Church has chosen to partner with us financially, in addition to their committed prayer support on our behalf! Pastor Thibault gave us the good news when we arrived at his house on Monday.

We spent all week with Pastor Thibault. Brandon was working on a project for school for most of the week, while Emily worked on getting on top of some paperwork. On Thursday Pastor Thibault took us out to Moosehead Lake to climb a mountain and hunt for moose. We had all been praying that God would bring a moose across our path, and the Lord was very good to answer this request. After we had spent the afternoon climbing the mountain we were driving into town for dinner, plumb wore out. It started to rain, and the time was getting late. We were not looking forward to the prospect of going out after dinner to look for moose, as it was already beginning to get dark. Then, all of a sudden, a moose ran out on the road in front of us! We quickly stopped the car and took as many pictures as we could between the wiper blades. After meandering back and forth on the road for his photo op, the moose wandered back into the forest, saying “Lord, why did you want me to go out into the rain when I was staying nice and dry?”

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Sunday we had the opportunity to participate in the Missions Emphasis Month of Corinth Baptist Church in Corinth, Maine. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with the folks there as we considered a part of Paul’s four questions to the Roman church in Romans 10. Pastor Mellen and his church family were very warm and welcoming to us. It was clear through our time with them that they are genuinely concerned about their part in the ministry of the Gospel, not only overseas but at home as well. Pray with us for Pastor Mellen, his family, and his church family as they work to reach Corinth – and the world – with the Gospel.

Monday we got home, our first time home in a month. Being home didn’t last long for Emily, however. Tuesday afternoon she left with her Mom, Dad, and brother to visit her sister in Florida, leaving Brandon to watch the cat. But more on that later.

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