Deputation – Week 117

This past weekend found us at Calvary Baptist Church in Athens, PA. Though we were not able to meet Pastor Flatt, who was away on a much-needed vacation, we had a great time with the folks from the church. The church is made up of an array of ages, all of which were excited about the ministry and what God is doing. We live in such a small world – the first missions trip Brandon ever went on was to work with Don and Leanne Waite in Slovakia, and we got to meet some of Don’s family who are members at Calvary.

After meeting up for breakfast with a supporting pastor on Monday morning, we drove South to Gettysburg to attend the IBFNA conference. Dr. Fred Moritz (author of “Be Ye Holy” and “Contending for the Faith”) was the main speaker at the conference, and we enjoyed and appreciated his messages immensely. He was one of Brandon’s online professors this past semester and he and his wife made time to have lunch with us one day. It was neat to see first-hand how such a well-known and well-respected man was also very humble and down-to-earth (and so was Mrs. Moritz!). Both are good examples of people who live in the knowledge that we are sinners saved by God’s grace, no more deserving that anyone else.

The conference is always a great time of fellowship – many of the faces were very familiar from previous and other conferences, but there were also new faces and it was nice to meet for the first time brothers and sisters in Christ from across the country. It was also encouraging to see a number of the folks from one of our partnering churches, Hope Baptist Church in Hanover, PA. Pastor Harris and the folks there took it upon themselves to host the conference, providing equipment, musicians, nursery workers, and youth workers. Their willingness to serve was a blessing to all of us at the conference!

This coming Sunday we will be traveling to the North Country in New York, then spending part of the week in Pennsylvania helping out with a youth night and a VBS at two different churches there in PA. We’d appreciate your prayers for those ministry opportunities.

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