Deputation – Week 118

This week has been packed full of great ministry opportunities! On Saturday we drove up to Canton, NY (way up in the North Country) for a meeting at First Baptist Church. Pastor Sykes and his wife have been ministering in Canton for 24 years and it was encouraging to see their heart for the community there. Pastor is involved with a Bible study at one of the universities in town and the church looks for ways to be involved in the community without compromising truth. In the afternoon we went with Pastor to the nursing home, where we had a service with the folks who came. Because they do not get missionaries through the nursing home very often, we were invited to share with them about the ministry in Brazil. The folks were very interactive!

On Monday we drove down to Berwick, PA for a youth event at Bethel Bible Church. This is their second annual event of this kind, and Pastor Thomas invited us to come help out if we were going to be in the area. They had a good group of teens show up, all of whom enjoyed the crazy games, hot dogs, followed by a challenging message by one of Pastor Thomas’ college friends. Please pray for the teens, a number of whom indicated having been challenged by God’s Word.

On our way up to Lawrenceville on Tuesday morning, we stopped and visited with a pastor friend and his wife. (One of the upsides of deputation: we have friends all over!) From there we finished our travels up to Lawrenceville. East Lawrence Baptist Church had invited us to be the missionaries for their week of VBS. We had a great week of VBS – it is amazing how many kids will come to a little church in the middle of the country! Each day we shared a fact about Brazil in the opening and throughout the week we got to talk to each class about what we are going to Brazil to do. Brandon even got to take part in the daily skits, which made for good pictures! 🙂 The folks at East Lawrence worked together as a body, God blessed by bringing kids, and the result was a great week. The kids left challenged from God’s Word and looking forward to next year. It was so cute to see one kid yell out the truck window as his family was driving away, “Bye! See you next year!”

We thank you for your prayers and ask that you would keep them coming! After our meeting on Sunday, we will be traveling back to Albion for their VBS this coming week. Both of us will be teaching classes in addition to other roles we will be filling. Please pray that God will bring out children and they would leave challenged with their need for Christ.

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