Deputation – Intermission

It has been a busy couple of weeks since our last update! Emily’s dad has been home from the hospital for three weeks and continues to show improvement every day. The doctors all expect a full recovery and Dad and Mom have been working hard to regain full use of his speech. We have both always had a lot of respect for Dad, and his patient diligence in working to regain full use of his speech has only caused that respect to grow. God works all things together for good to those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose; it has been neat to already see God using this for good, for the conformity of His people to the image of Christ. In addition to helping out around the house more, Brandon has filled the pulpit at Victory the last three weeks and is preaching expositionally through the first chapter of Philippians. The time with the folks here in Albion has been enjoyable and we’ve been able to plug into various ministries during our extended time here: a youth event, game nights at the house (they have been a great time of encouraging fellowship!), and getting to know a young family that has been visiting the church. Please pray for this family as the church seeks to connect with them and meet them where they are at spiritually.

Two weeks ago we drove down to North Carolina for our first OB appointments and are happy to report that all looks good! The ultrasound and the baby’s increased movement made this pregnancy seem much more real! We would appreciate your prayers for baby Chloe as she continues to develop; not just for her physical development (though that is important!), but that she would grow up to love the Lord and be an essential part of our ministry in Brazil.

This coming weekend we will be at Victory again, after which we’ll be on the road for a couple of weeks. These next couple of weeks we are looking forward to helping out more in the ministries here at Victory, specifically in VBS follow-up. Please continue to pray on our behalf over these next few weeks. We’ve grown to see even more the importance of this as we’ve been studying through the book of Philippians…but that’s Sunday’s sermon. 🙂