Deputation – Week 120

Last weekend we had the opportunity to once again hit the road after being home in Albion for four weeks. We visited the First Baptist Church of Ebensburg, a town East of Pittsburgh in south-western PA. We enjoyed a nice evening of fellowship with Pastor and Mrs. Barclay on Saturday night, then a full morning of ministry with the church family in Ebensburg. The church in Ebensburg is a very old, historic church. Pray with us for Pastor Barclay and the church family there as they strive to see the Gospel witness grow in this very Catholic town.

Sunday afternoon we drove over to Kittanning, PA and saw our good friends Pastor and Mrs. Hill. We always enjoy the time we get to spend with them. We were also able to give a report to one of our other supporting churches via FaceTime. It’s great to see how churches are levereging technology for the sake of missions! Then, Monday morning we stopped by and visited with some other friends from the Baptist church in Grove City, PA. All in all, it was a pretty busy weekend of visiting!

Emily’s pregnancy is continuing to go well. Chloe is moving around more and more, and we’re feeling more than just kicks from her now. It’s pretty amazing to think of this little life growing inside her. I’m not really sure the novelty of that will wear off.

We have enjoyed a very seasonably cool week here in Western NY, with temps in the upper 60s to lower 70s. On Monday we head down to North Carolina for our next OB appointment, where the temps are in the upper 80s to lower 90s. We’ll need your prayers. 🙂

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