Deputation – Week 125

This weekend was a very special weekend for us. Our Sending Church, Maranatha Baptist Church, held our commissioning service. This was a very special time, our official committal service affirming both our commitment to represent Christ and Maranatha through the work of church planting in Brazil and Maranatha’s commitment to support us in that venture.

A number of you have expressed interest in seeing the commissioning service, so one of our talented videographers filmed the service. The videos from the messages are embedded below. We hope they’re an encouragement to you. Also, there are a number of pictures from anther friend who is a photographer. Many thanks to her as well.

We are so appreciative of our church, Maranatha Baptist Church, and their support of us through these years. God has also given us some great friends on Deputation, and wonderful partners in ministry. As we near the end of our time on Deputation and make more and more preparation for moving to Brazil, we understand we could not do this without you all and your faithful prayers on our behalf. This commissioning service was a wonderful reminder of that – a time to pause and praise the Lord for all His wonderful blessings, particularly related to our ministry.

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