Deputation – Week 127

Well, I guess it’s time for a couple updates! We’ll start with the week after we were in New Hampshire.

When we left New Hampshire we took a leisurely trip through Vermont into the Albany area of New York. Along the way we were able to stop and see several pastor friends we had made along our travels. It was good to hear how the Lord is blessing each of their ministries.

We spent most of the week with Emily’s Aunt, who lives outside of Albany. This gave us the opportunity to visit Latham Bible Baptist Church, one of our partner churches, and update them on our ministry. We were able to also visit another supporting pastor in that area. Along with the ever-present schoolwork and visiting some extended family, it ended up being a fairly busy week.

On Saturday we travelled over to Utica, New York for a meeting with Bible Baptist Church in New Hartford. We had visited this church a couple of years ago, so it was a good chance to provide them an update on what God has been doing and how He has been directing over the past couple years since then. We enjoyed the fellowship with Pastor Hanback and his church family. It was good to hear what God has been doing in that church to grow it since we were there last. Pray with us for God’s continued leading in that church, and that Christ would spread His fame throughout the Utica area through that church!

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