Deputation – Week 128

After our meeting in New Hartford we spent a week at home, our first week at home in a couple weeks. But it was not a “down” week! We had the opportunity to gather with our local Pastors’ fellowship in Buffalo. This would be our last time with these Pastors, so we began saying some “goodbyes.” We then helped teach our youth group on Wednesday night, and worked through the week catching up on errands. Then on Saturday we headed out for a couple of weeks out of town.

We began our trip by heading to Kingsley, PA. Acre Lake Independent Baptist Church was the very first church we visited on Deputation, and one of the first to partner financially with us. We were glad for the opportunity to update them on how things have been going for the past few years. Pray with us that the Lord would bring them their next pastor. They have been without a Pastor for a few months now.

Sunday night we were able to stop by and spend the evening service with Springville Baptist Church, another supporting church in Northeastern PA. They were the fourth church we visited on Deputation, and another church to partner with us financially early in our Deputation.

We spent those couple of nights with our good friends the Woods. They have been a dear encouragement to us throughout our years on Deputation and we are glad for friends like them that we have made on Deputation.

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