Deputation – Week 130

Our last meeting of October, and our last meeting of the year, was last Sunday. We spent last Sunday with Calvary Baptist Church in Massena, NY. We visited Calvary Baptist a couple of years ago, almost to the week. It was good to spend another week renewing acquaintances. Pastor Lucid has been faithfully serving in the farthest north corner of New York for quite a while, and we were greatly encouraged to see how the Lord has blessed this church by growing it in the last two years. When we started Sunday School, there were just a few folks present. But pretty soon more people began filtering in, and they kept coming and coming! And this continued through the morning service! It was so good to see so many people out to worship together.

We stayed with the parents of one of our “camp kids.” You may remember we’ve been involved in a camp here in New York, serving as speaker and counselor several times over the past few years. Calvary Baptist is one of the churches involved in that camp, so several of the families from the church send their kids to that camp. It was a good weekend with them.

This past Wednesday was our last Wednesday night with our youth group here. We’ll see most of the kids tomorrow at church, but it’s been a bit sad seeing this part of our ministry coming to a close.

Last night Victory had a “Fall Fun Night” outreach to Albion at our church. Emily and I both helped out in it, and Emily dressed Chloe up as a pumpkin. It was pretty cute. It was a good night, as we saw a good number of folks come out this year. Unpleasant conditions outdoors might have helped that matter.

As I write this our van is full to the brim and we are preparing for our final trip down to North Carolina. We will be updating you all from the South for the next few months as we await Chloe’s arrival and make preparations for leaving for Brazil. Please pray for us as we  say a number of “so-longs” tomorrow and drive down to Winston-Salem on Monday. I remember as a teen saying good-byes to a family very close to our family. The Dad, “Uncle Terry”, reminded us that as believers it’s never “good-bye.” It’s only “so-long.” We’ll see each other again one day.

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