Chloe’s here!

Here’s Chloe making her introduction:

We have had an eventful week! We really appreciate everyone’s prayers.

Last Sunday morning we spent a final service with our home church in Albion, NY. Sunday afternoon was spent packing our van and preparing for our trip South. Then, Sunday night, we headed over to Grace Baptist Brockport for a good-bye service with them. They had a special shower for Emily after the service, hosted by the children’s ministry. It was very nice to spend one last service with all our friends there at Grace.

First thing Monday morning we headed down to North Carolina. It was a very uneventful trip, other than our poor van getting a real workout on the hills of Virginia. The van was very full, and seemed to have a hard time for some of the trip. Brandon’s Mom and Dad were at our new house when we arrived, and they helped us unpack our van. Late Monday evening, after all the dust had settled, we were both getting the munchies. Brandon ran out to get a snack, and on his way back the van overheated. It was a sad moment. We were not sure what we would do with the van.

Tuesday morning Emily had an OB appointment. Everything looked good, and the doctor told her she had a “perfect abdomen.” Little did we know what the rest of the day would hold. It was a busy day, moving into our new home. We had some friends come over in the evening to help us move. Right before they arrived, however, Emily’s water broke! She didn’t tell Brandon until after our company had left. We immediately packed a bag and headed to the hospital. The rest, as they say, is history.